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FAA Compliance Made Easy
FlightPro 135 Provides a complete FAA-compliant electronic records keeping system. Easily store and access pilot records, manuals, flight/duty records, load manifests and much more electronically. FlightPro 135 is specifically designed to simplify and streamline FAA records compliance.
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Access Records Anywhere, Any Time
With FlightPro 135, Clients have 24/7 access to their records anywhere in the world, from any computer, ipad or Smartphone. Pilots can maintain duty/flight records while on the road, file a load manifest without using a fax machine and have complete manuals on board the aircraft without a single piece of paper.
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Save Time and Money with FlightPro 135
Save money by never having to print a paper manual again. Save time by instantly distributing manuals and revisions to company personnel and outside vendors. FlightPro 135 efficiently and electronically does the job of a full-time records administrator. And possibly best of all, there will be no down time for FAA base inspections. FlightPro 135 has got you covered.
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256 Bit Redundant Security & Backup
FlightPro 135 uses the same encryption protocols as banks and financial institutions to guarantee you complete security. FlightPro 135 provides multiple layers of on-site and off-site backup redundancy to keep your records safe, secure and always available.
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