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What's  in  aN  SMS  and  what  are  some  EASY  TOOLS  you  CAN  IMPLEMENT

An aviation Safety Management System (SMS) is a comprehensive set of policies, procedures, and processes that are put in place to ensure the safety of operations. Overall, an SMS is designed to promote a proactive approach to safety management, identify potential risks and hazards, and implement appropriate measures to prevent accidents and incidents.  

It includes various elements such as:

Safety  Policy

This outlines the company's commitment to safety and the roles and responsibilities of individuals within the organization.

Risk  Management

This involves identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks that could pose a threat to the safety of the organization.

Safety  Assurance

This includes monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the SMS and ensuring that corrective actions are taken where necessary.

Safety  Promotion

This involves promoting a safety culture within the organization and providing training and education to employees and stakeholders.


Proper documentation is necessary for the SMS to be effective. This includes manuals, procedures, and reports that outline the SMS's policies and procedures.

emergency  response

Plans and procedures should be in place to handle emergencies and incidents that may occur during operations.


Effective communication between employees, management, and stakeholders is necessary to ensure the SMS is understood and implemented effectively.

How  to  score  some  quick  SMS  goals

Even though a full scale SMS may not be on the cards for your flight operation right now, there are some fairly painless ways to install some primary SMS components with little fuss or effort.

1. FRAT - Flight Risk Assessment Tool

There are loads of off-the-shelf FRAT's you can use or modify to suit your particular flight operation. Putting the FRAT in to the hands of the pilots is the main challenge. They need to be digital (and not paper) since there is fair amount of fast math involved to compute a risk score. FlightPro 135 includes a comprehensive and customizable FRAT solution that's worth looking at.

2. Real Time Monitoring of Crew & Aircraft

A good flight operations management software solution should be monitoring crew and aircraft in real time to make sure they are compliant for any trip they are assigned to. This provides an easy way to avoid common compliance breaches.


An effective SMS is one where management and employees can speak openly about their safety issues and concerns, without fear of reprimand. 

One of the biggest complaints from staff regarding SMS is that it is all talk and no action. 

A flight operation can have a full scale ICAO SMS framework in place, but not actually take safety seriously. 

Only when a staff member can openly report an issue and be thanked and recognized for doing so (and a commitment to fix the issue), will an SMS be effective.

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