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IS  crowdsourcing  THE  SOLUTION

As anyone involved in private aviation can attest, one of the more frustrating elements of quoting or scheduling trips is locating the FBOs and their current fees. 

Operators are burdened with the task of looking up the fees, or making a super annoying phone call to confirm the fees (which can include ramp fees, landing fees, parking fees, fuel fees and handling fees).

Option  A - The  LOW TECH  WAY

Contact  The  FBO  DIREctly

The most accurate way to get information about FBO fees is to directly contact the FBO at the airport you're interested in. You can usually find their contact information on the airport's website or through aviation directories. The FBO database in FlightPro 135 also includes FBO contact information.

Visit  EACH  fbo's  website

Many FBOs have their own websites where they provide information about their services, including pricing. Look for a "Services" or "Pricing" section on their websiteHowever, many FBO's don't publish their fees on their own web site and therefore time has been wasted just looking online for their price lists. 

USe  aviation  directories

There are online aviation directories that list FBOs and their services, which can include some fee information, however, it's unlikely the fee information you need is there, or is current. The best effort yet, by AOPA, reveals that most fees are still not published and FBO's don't update their fees on the platform and are therefore years out of date. The bottom line is that there is no centralized database of accurate and/or current FBO's and their fees.  

CHECK  WITH  THE  AIRport  authority

Some airports may have a centralized authority that oversee FBO operations. Contact the airport authority or management to inquire about FBO fees and services.                                

CHECK  online  forums  and  pilot   communities

Online forums and pilot communities can be valuable resources. Experienced pilots might share their knowledge about FBO fees at specific airports.


Crowdsourcing has proven itself to be an incredibly effective tool for a range of industries and challenges. So why not apply this to the challenge of publishing FBO fee information? The FBO's themselves have proven to be ineffective when it comes to making their fees publicly available. Even when handed a super easy public database solution by AOPA, the FBO's still fail to keep their information current. So clearly we can't rely on the FBO's themselves to solve the problem. 

FlightPro 135 has introduced the private aviation industry's first database of FBO fees that are 100% supplied by the collective of operators on the FlightPro 135 network. When everyone chips in, everyone benefits.

For example, if a twin-engine turboprop is flying to Atlantic Aviation at Teterboro, the FBO fees may already be on file from another operator with a twin-engine turboprop who has recently flown in to Atlantic at TEB. And if the fees are not on file, then simply revert to the old-way and make the call. But this time, you save the fee information in the database for next time...and also make it available for the benefit of others on the FlightPro 135 network. We were tempted to insert one of those corny "Teamwork" office posters right here....but resisted the urge and kept our lunch from coming up. 

FlightPro  135  Airport  &  FBO  Directory

Look up any airport and see a list of available FBOs. Set any one of them as your preferred FBO which will automatically select them when building quotes or scheduling trips. 

 FBO   CONtact  Details

Click on any FBO to reveal the contact information and website link. 


There are separate fees lists for each aircraft type ranging from a single engine piston all the way up to a large jet. The list of fees are standardized into 4 simple categories - Day Parking, Ground Handling, Landing, and Overnight Parking. 


If you need to get a quote out the door immediately and the crowd hasn't yet stored the FBO fees you need (and you don't have time to call or it's after hours), you want your quote to include something in the FBO Fees section vs nothing at all. That's where the Default FBO fees come in to play and will appear on your quote automatically. These are just for your aircraft and are not part of the crowdsourced database. 

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