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Safety  audits  every  2  years
...  or  every  2  seconds ? 

Part 135 operators who want to demonstrate a higher commitment to safety get safety audits every 2 years. These audits are very thorough and put a microscope on your processes to reveal any holes that can compromise safety. If you pass the audit, you proudly display your safety rating to the marketplace which helps you attract more flight bookings.


But what happens after the safety audit? Two years is a long time to wait for the safety auditors to return and ensure that the high standards are still in place.


Charter clients and owners would feel much more confident with their choice of operator if they knew that all safety related requirements were being monitored in real time 24/7.

- Flight & Duty time monitoring to ensure limits are not exceeded.

- Pilot currency and recency for training, checking, medical and more.

- Aircraft currency to ensure all maintenance tasks (including AD's) are up to date.

- Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) to make sure higher risk flights are flagged and managed

Nothing beats continuous monitoring when striving for maximum safety.

FlightPro 135

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